Rémy Verbanaz

Remy VerbanazCreative and Artistic Director, founder and owner of ‘Lover’.

Rémy is the recent co-founder of ThreeDMakers.


Their tridimensional works are appreciated all over the world because of the strong emotional involvement. They also offer collaboration to photographers who want to experience this new tool, offering them their skills and experience.

ThreeDMakers wants to use the lenticular technology in the culture, art and archeological field, researchers and restorers with their work on daily bases. The scientific value combined to the beauty of lenticular images generate a perfect reproduction of the original piece of art, that can be moved all around the world, in case that the transport of these pieces of art would be impossible or dangerous.

In May 2015, they exhibited wonderful 3D images in the Corsini Museum, close to the Colisseum in Rome. Click here to see the movie.