Rules & Regulations – Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016


The purpose of the LLPA 2016 Award is to encourage the development of the creation, preparation and printing techniques on lenticular sheets that stand out among the most performing technologies, which best respond to users’ needs (target audience) and professional printers. In order to do so, the award distinguishes the candidates who have achieved the best works and rewards those candidates who have displayed expertise across all the elements involved in producing such works. This distinction also takes the quality of the works into account as well as their relevance to the market in terms of printed communication expectations.



The award is organized in the context of the drupa innovation park (dip) with the  support of drupa print media fair 2016, which is held in the Messe exhibition complex in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 31 May to 10 June 2016 (

This Award emanates from the combined initiative of DP Lenticular (International lenticular sheet distributor established in Dublin, Ireland) and the North American extruder Pacur (described as « the organizers » in this document). The organizers requested last edition’s President, Barry Johnson of Pacur, to be President of the Jury for the LLPA 2016.

The organizers will outsource the coordination of this award to a specialized communication agency: deepSense sprl, Rue Berkendael 132, 1050 Brussels.


Article 3 – ELIGIBILITY.

The LLPA 2016 is open to any individual or corporate entity, active in the field of creation, preparation and printing of graphic material (photography, illustration,…). Lenticular technology is used to create visual effects, such as 3D, morphing, animation. Each participating individual or company is entitled to enter a maximum of 2 entries per category (per individual or company) (see various categories in article 6 below).



Each participating piece or item is submitted to an administration fee of €60.50 for all categories inclusive of Belgian VAT (€50 + VAT). As an example, if a participating individual or company submits 3 items, with only 1 item per category, this means the participant will be charged a total of €181.50 (€150 + VAT). The participating individual or company will receive an email confirmation and a receipt for this expense. The entity responsible for this financial administration and transaction is the LLPA’s organizing agency, deep Sense, established at Rue Berkendael 132, 1050 Brussels, Belgium registered under the Belgian VAT number BE 0881872134.



Applicants represent and warrant to the organizers of the competition, that the material submitted to the competition does not infringe, parasite, unfairly compete or otherwise breach in any way the rights, whatever they may be, of any third party. Should any printed image submitted to the competition be protected by rights (creation or reproduction), the applicants will add to his registration a copy of the licensing agreement that allows him to use the content on behalf of the end-user (advertiser or vendor). Applicants also guarantee the organizers that they are by no means bound to any exclusivity or confidentiality agreement, which would forbid them to present exhibited material to the public or in the media connected with the competition.

Applicants declare that declarations and information of any kind provided to the organizers in connection with the competition are accurate and that there is no lawsuit, claim or dispute pending or threatened in connection with these declarations and information.




In order to cover the largest possible range of applications connected with lenticular printing techniques, the organizers have created six (6) paying categories:

(a)     Sales material: items produced for sales purposes and intended to be sold in the retail sector (postcards, posters, or small objects, etc.)

(b)    Promotional material: promotional , direct marketing or point of sales items intended for promotional and communication purposes to promote a product or service and distributed free of charge (small image, postcard, merchandising object, point of sales material such as wobblers, shelf-tags, etc.)

(c)     Premium promotional material: intended to be given to customers as a reward or incentive to purchase another product (accessory, gadget, gimmick, etc.)

(d)     Packaging Material: (book or magazine cover, CD, DVD, in-pack content, partial or full on-pack content, etc.)

(e)     Artistic works: created to be considered as a work of art

(f)     Large Format: any format larger than 711x1016mm (28×40 inches) and up to 1220x2450mm (48×96 inches)

The President of the Jury and the organizers:

(a)     Check application compliance with regard to the conditions set forth in Article 8.

(b)     Appoint the members of the professional jury, a group of personalities selected within the broad range of industry experts relevant to the creation, production, and communication of printed images on lenticular sheets. The composition of the jury will be confirmed by the end of March 2016 at the latest and will be presented on the award’s website

The Professional Jury:

(a)     Will meet during May 2016 to select the 6 nominees and the winner for each of the 6 categories.

(b) During the selection, the jury chooses with a majority vote of its members the works selected among the “nominees”. The nominees will be mentioned on the LLPA website complete with image (preferably animated GIF) submitted upon registration.

(c) Within each of the six categories, the work that will have gathered the highest number of points attributed by the professional jury will be the winner of a “LLPA + category name”.

There will be one winner (award) for each category and the winning candidate will be awarded with a “Lenstar Lenticular Print Award” in the relevant category.

Evaluation criteria:

(a)     The selection criteria that will be used to analyze the works will be the following:

  1. Creation: relevance and impact of the message. Does the work convey a message that fits with its purpose and the brand it represents? Does the work do the job it was meant to (sell, promote, etc.)?
  2. Creation: originality/innovation. Is the work’s creation striking and appealing? Is it memorable? Does it add/enhance the brand or its message?
  3. Technical – prepress: DPI quality during plotting. Using the right orientation. Absence of watering or graininess
  4. Technical – prepress: Printing synchronization (master) with the pitch. The appropriate calibrating given the expected distance required to view the work
  5. Technical – printing: color synchronization (registration)
  6. Technical – printing: Synchronization with the printing alignment against the lenticules. The appropriate lenticular sheet orientation
  7. Technical – printing: Phasing. Printing at the center of the angle of vision, to avoid the angle where you see a double image
  8. Technical – printing: Colorimetric profiling. Using the right color profile adapted to printing on PTEG (over-saturated or under-exposed images)

(b)     Each of these criteria will be evaluated on a scale of 20 points, giving a total of 160 points.

(c)     If the best score of the category is lower than 70%, no award will be given.


The Award Ceremony:

(a)     Immediately after the jury deliberation, the all participants will be informed of the 36 nominated works, and the nominees will be strongly advised to ensure a visit to drupa for the award ceremony on the third day of the exhibition (02 June 2016 at 5PM) to discover the winner for each of the 6 categories.

(b)     This ceremony will be organized at the “drupa innovation park, hall 7” at 5 pm on 02 June 2016.

(c)     It will be hosted by a high ranking drupa representative and attended by drupa visitors and LLPA invited media. Naturally, all LLPA participants are welcome to the award ceremony.

(d)     The presence of the nominees is strongly recommended as this will offer an excellent opportunity for PR and networking.

(e)     The organizers do not cover the cost of participation at drupa.

The “Supreme Public Preference Award”:

(a)     The nominees’ works will be presented to the visitors of drupa, on the “Lenstar Lenticular Print Award” stand in the drupa innovation park, hall 7

(b)     In addition to the 6 categories judged by the LLPA jury, there will be a seventh award, which will be the preferred piece of the public visiting drupa between 31 May and 10 June 2016. The visitors will be invited to vote for the work they found most worthy of being awarded the Supreme Public Preference Award. The work that will have prompted the highest number of votes from the “public jury” will be designated as the winner of the LLPA “Supreme Public Preference Award”.

Article 7 – CALENDAR

–          29 April 12h00 GMT 2016: deadline for receipt of the candidates’ registration form (and ad hoc authorization document if required – see article 5, and animated GIF file to present the works on the LLPA website). This will prompt a confirmation email from the organizers confirming delivery address and conditions (this information will also be posted on the LLPA website).

–          29 April 12h00 GMT 2016: deadline for receipt of payment and the work(s) entered into the competition.

–          29 April 12h00 GMT 2016: deadline for receipt of the images to be sent to the following address:

LLPA c/o Yes Sir!

Contact : Bruno Van Caelenberg  +32 477 75 81 80

Vierwinden 13

1932 Zaventem


Opening hours: 9:00 am – 12:30 am / 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

–          For the American participants: to allow to transport all the works to Europe at no additional costs it was possible to send the works before 31 March 2016 to Pacur:

LLPA c/o Pacur Inc.

3555 Moser Street

Oshkosh, WI 54901



–         May 2016 the jury deliberates and selects the 6 nominees and winner present at the show. Just after the jury meeting, the nominees will be announced on the LLPA website :

–          From 31 May to 10 June 2016: exhibit of the nominees’ works on the LLPA stand at drupa innovation park (hall 7). The public will vote by using an electronic voting system.

–          02 June 2016: The winner for each category will be announced during an Award Ceremony at the “drupa innovation park, hall 7” at 5 pm, and promoted through a press release and also announced on the LLPA website sometime shortly after the ceremony.

–          In the week of 20 June 2016: the public voting will be counted to identify the winner of the Supreme Public Preference Award. The winner will be announced by way of email to all participants, as well as press release, and posted on the LLPA website.



(a)     Applications must be performed through the organizers’ LLPA website

(b)     The application procedure must be 100% completed according to the instructions provided in the form.

(c)     The LLPA organizers require an image (or preferably animated *.gif or *.mov file) which will accompany each work’s registration.

(d)     All complete applications (with image or animated image) should be submitted by 29 April 12h00 GMT 2016.

(e)     Registration is charged at €60.50 per piece as per article 4 of the LLPA rules (this document). In addition, participants are committed to cover the shipping costs of their submitted work(s). The LLPA organizers will then set-up the jury’s deliberation meeting during May 2016. Unless specifically negotiated and charged to the participant, the LLPA organizers reserve the right to keep the participants’ items for possible future use in other exhibitions attended by one of the members of the organizing committee. Participants will need to ensure the payment of participation is made by 29 April 12h00 GMT 2016 according to the payment instructions provided in the registration form on the LLPA website. If this deadline has not been respected, the participation to the LLPAs will be cancelled even if the rest of the information concerning the application is complete.

(f)      The same rule applies to the deadline for receipt of the participants’ material, which must be delivered to the address that will be provided in the registration’s confirmation procedure by the same deadline of 29 April 12h00 GMT 2016.

(g)     The jury will then select the 6 nominees including the winner for each of the 6 categories, and these 36 works will then be shipped by the LLPA organizers to drupa for set-up and presentation to the visitors of drupa from 31 May to 10 June 2016.

(h)     During the entire 11 days of the exhibition, the visitors will be invited to discover the 36 nominated works on LLPA stand (opposite the DP Lenticular/Pacur stand 70 A10), complete with information concerning the applicant by way of an LLPA catalogue (see registration form on

(i)       The representing individuals or companies of the 36 nominated as well as all LLPA participants will be invited to the award ceremony 2 weeks prior to the exhibition immediately after the jury’s deliberation meeting.

(j)       The winners of the 6 categories selected by the jury will be announced during the official award ceremony on 02 June 2016 at 5PM at drupa innovation park, hall 7.

(k)     The public will be voting for the “Supreme Public Preference Award” and the winner will be announced shortly after the exhibition in the week of 20 June 2016.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications which do not include the required information in the registration form (the disclaimer in particular) will be deemed incomplete and therefore rejected.

Complete applications received prior to 29 April 2016 and payment, as well as material received by 29 April 2016 are irrevocably registered and applicants will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt. Applications that do not comply with the above mentioned regulations will be rejected and payments or transport costs shall not be refundable.


Article 9 – PRIZES.

The results of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (LLPA 2016) will be announced on 02 June 2016 at the “drupa innovation park” at 5 pm during the award ceremony. The announcement will also be made by way of a press release and the LLPA website The winners for each of the 6 categories will receive an LLPA Trophy created by Dublin Crystal and an official certificate delivered by the President of the jury, and signed by all jury members. They will also receive an official LLPA award as well as an electronic logo (“Winner of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016”) that the winners will be authorized and encouraged to use in their communication. The organizers will contribute to the ongoing promotion and fame of the award-winning works. Any winner who was not able to attend the ceremony on 02 June 2016 will receive this material by delivery. This last remark is also applicable to the winner of the Supreme Public Preference Award, which will be made public shortly after the exhibition in the week of 20 June 2016.



The organizers of the competition, guarantee the confidentiality of the information contained in the applications, which appears in the relevant fields identified as the confidential fields of the form.


Article 11 – ADVERTISING.

The organizers and sponsors will be fully entitled to disclose details of the awarded works and companies. They may also request award winners to participate in public relations operations or press campaigns during the year following the award.


Article 12 – CANCELLATION.

The organizers of the competition shall not be held responsible for cancellation of the competition for whatever reason. Competitors agree not to make any claim in this respect.



Documents, application forms, support and products shall not be returned to the competitors (unless negotiated, costed and charged to the participant). In no event, shall the transport or participation costs be refundable. Participants’ items will be used in the context of other promotional and PR opportunities, which ultimately promotes the participants’ works and products.


Article 14 – DISCLAIMER.

The organizers of the competition do not covenant to take any steps with respect to the regulatory authorizations relating to the import in France or sale in the European Union of the products submitted to competition. Competitors agree not to make any claim in this respect.

The organizers shall not be held liable by applicants or third parties in case of misrepresentation, fraud or breach of any third party’s rights by the applicant.

The organizers will have a remedy against applicants in case they are sued or their responsibility is investigated by a third party for damages resulting from the misrepresentation, fraud or breach of any third party’s rights by an applicant, whether deliberately or by negligence.



Companies having submitted to LLPA Organizers products infringing or plagiarizing, totally or partially, the rights of any third party, will be held sole responsible. They will be deprived of all advantages granted by the LLPA 2016 and shall compensate any potential damages sustained by the claimants and the organizers.



By taking part in the competition and any pre‐selection, applicants expressly accept the terms of these rules, including this clause of consent to jurisdiction and choice of law.

Any dispute relating to the interpretation and application of these Rules or any matter not addressed by these Rules arising in connection with the Lenstar Lenticular Print Awards will be submitted to the President of the Jury who will decide in camera. These Rules and the Lenstar Lenticular Print Awards 2016 and DP Lenticular/Pacur represented by the under-signed agency shall be governed by the laws of the Brussels Commerce Tribunal and the Applicant agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.


Brussels, January 2016

Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016

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Rue Berkendael 132

B-1050 Bruxelles – Belgique

M:       +32/ 486 13 20 65

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