Supreme Public Preference Award 2016

Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016 - Supreme Public Preference Award

Besides the jury, the organizers wanted to invite the visitors to vote for their preferred image. This is a very important part of the LLPA.  From the beginning of the drupa 2016 on May 31st, our 2 hostesses recorded the votes of the visitor’s.

The Supreme Public Preference Award is based on the visitor’s votes during drupa 2016,  in the Messe exhibition complex in Düsseldorf, Germany, from May 31 to June 10, 2016.



Daniel Pierret (DP Lenticular): “In 2012, we recorded a total of 11123 votes during the 14 days of drupa. In 2016, the show was reduced to 11 days but we are proud to announce that a total of 16662 votes were recorded during drupa. This a very important number and shows the interest of the visitors for the “Wall of Fame” showing the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award images. We also want to thank drupa and drupa innovation park, and particularly, Mrs. Sandra Winter for the great support we received during the show.”

The winner is the image called “Heart” !




    • AR-12 WINNER

magicvision-HeartThe author is Olga Tobreluts, a contemporary Russian artist. Her creation was converted from 2D to 3D by Egor Korotkov. The image was printed by MagicVision.Ru. This work was provided by the gallery founded in 2012 by Mr. Andrey Pichugin.

Dimensions : Width: 1200 mm – Height: 1200 mm

Effect type: 3D effect depth

Viewing distance: 2 m

Material: 20 LPI 3d

Company proposing the image: MAGIC VISION LLC was created in 2000 on the idea of establishing an innovative lenticular printing and products for advertisers, designers, and making lenticular production more available for each person.  A brand new experience 3D wide format and offset printing. They have a high standard of printing techniques, quality control work processing procedure, and a strong design support.  They are leader of high quality lenticular producer in Russia.  They are proud to work with famous international companies.

Country: Russian Federation



See here the 10 highest scores:

AR-12 Heart 2413 14%
AR-03 Mayajaal-Face 1706 10%
AR-07 Cloud 1630 10%
LF-04 XCOM 1436 9%
SA-04 Motion Lenticular Images Rotating 1130 7%
LF-05 Nagarahavu 1095 7%
LF-01 Lego King & Queen 1053 6%
AR-11 Vase of flowers 1015 6%
PR-05 Starbucks 875 5%
AR-14 Vespula Vulgaris 766 5%

Even if we had the feeling, since the beginning of the show, that this image would be the winner, the score of 14% shows that the votes were not concentrated on just a few images (last time the public price winner got 20% of the votes).

About the artist, Olga Tobreluts:

Personal exhibitions:

2015 – New features Deborah Collton gallery, Houston, USA

2014 – the Landscapes of heaven. NameGallery. Saint Petersburg

2013 – the New mythology. MMOMA. Moscow.

2012 – ‘NEO-CLASSY’ at AP CONTEMPORARY, 28 Tai Ping Shan Street,Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

2012 – the New mythology. Ospebale Antico dei Battuti, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italia. Directory: Udine: Lithostampa, 2012

2009 – Gallery “Triumph”, Moscow

2008 – Nizhny Tagil municipal Museum of fine arts, Nizhny Tagil

2007 – of the Storyteller. Nizhny Novgorod state art Museum, Nizhny Novgorod

2006 – Tarquin and Lucretia. Gallery “D-137”, Saint Petersburg

2005 – Divine figure. Il Segno Del Tempo Gallery, Milan

2004 – Art Kiosk Gallery, Brussels

2003 – Divine figure. Gallerу Orel Art Presenta, Paris

2003 – Emperor and Galilean. State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

2003 – Emperor and Galilean. Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo(Norway)

2003 – Emperor and Galilean. Gallery “D-137”, Saint Petersburg

2003 – Emperor and Galilean . J. M. S. Gallery, Oslo

2003 – Digital art. Contemporary art center MARS, Moscow

2001 – Macedonian dream. The Freud’s dreams Museum, Saint Petersburg

2001 – Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden

2000 – Allegory. The Freud’s dreams Museum, Saint Petersburg

2000 – Divine figure. Seljord Kunstforening, Seljord (Norway)

2000 – Galerie Inge Baecker, Cologne

2000 – the Odyssey. Aidan gallery, Moscow.

1999 – Mixed Media. State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

1999 – Fear-O-T-Gallery 21, St. Petersburg

1998 – a Family portrait. Aidan gallery, Moscow.

1998 – a Family portrait. Sigraph, New York.

1998 – The Labours Of Hercules. Gallo-Roman Museum, Tonegen

1997 – Art Kiosk Gallery, Brussels

1996 – Personal exhibition. The Museum of New Academy of fine arts, Saint Petersburg

1995 – Imperial reflections. Aidan gallery, Moscow

Works are in the collections of:

New York’s Museum of modern art (MOMA), new York State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg The state Tretyakov gallery, Moscow National Center for Contemporary art, Moscow Nizhny Tagil state art Museum The state Museum of political history of Russia, St. Petersburg The Museum Of New Academy Of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum Kaliningrad regional Museum of history and art New Museum, St. Petersburg Fund “Ekaterina”, Moscow Galleria d’arte Moderna Achille Forti, Verona Collection Of Griffelkunst-Vereinigung, Hamburg Collection The Henrik Ibsen Foundation, Oslo and other Museum and private collections

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