LLPA 2016 Jury


The judging has been carefully planned to ensure the highest possible standards and integrity. The members of the jury are chosen from a group of recognized professionals involved in the creation, production, and promotion of printing. There will be one winner (award) for each of the six different categories.

Judging criteria

Entries are judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Creation: relevance and impact of the message.
  2. Creation: originality/innovation.
  3. Technical – prepress: DPI quality during plotting.
  4. Technical – prepress: Printing synchronization (master) with the pitch.
  5. Technical – printing: color synchronization (registration)
  6. Technical – printing: Synchronization with the printing alignment against the lenticules.
  7. Technical – printing: Phasing.
  8. Technical – printing: Colorimetric profiling.

Next to the official judging, there will also be a Public Prize, just like in 2011 and 2012.

Visitors of the drupa innovation park will be invited to vote for the work they found most worthy of being awarded Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016 - Supreme Public Preference Award the “Supreme Public Preference Award”.


The list of the jury members is here:

The LLPA 2016 JURY members


Henri Clément, 3D Photographer and trainer L’Imbricateur

Claude De Geynst, Marketing & Communication – co-founder & brand activator Deep Sense

Alexander Laue, Owner of Convergence Point (Point of sales communication)

Rémy Verbanaz, Graphic designer – THREEDMAKERS, agenzia creativa integrata dedicata alla comunicazione 2D/3D (Roma)

Mediator: Christopher Tirard