The LLPA 2011 Jury


The judging has been carefully planned to ensure the highest possible standards and integrity. The members of the jury will be chosen from a group of recognized professionals involved in the creation, production, and promotion of printing. There will be one winner (award) for each of the five different categories.

Next to the official judging, there will also be a Public Prize. A ballot box will be located on the stand at Dimension 3. Visitors will be able to submit their voting document having ticked the box against the work they found most worthy of being awarded the “LLPA Supreme Public Preference” Award.

Judging criteria

Entries are judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Creation: relevance and impact of the message.
  2. Creation: originality/innovation.
  3. Technical – prepress: DPI quality during plotting.
  4. Technical – prepress: Printing synchronization (master) with the pitch.
  5. Technical – printing: color synchronization (registration)
  6. Technical – printing: Synchronization with the printing alignment against the lenticules.
  7. Technical – printing: Phasing.
  8. Technical – printing: Colorimetric profiling.

The LLPA 2011 JURY members

Mrs. Michèle Bonnet, daughter of Maurice Bonnet and

“It is because of my father Maurice Bonnet contributed in a really essential way to open the way on the potential of the lenticular 3D images that I am happy to be a member of the jury of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award.”

Mrs. Marie-Christine Marquat, Editor Caractère

It’s a chance to have the possibility to embrace all the productions prepared for this event.

Uli Bader, Heidelberger Druckmachinen AD

Lenticular Printing has always been my special “hobby” at Heidelberg. Being on the jury for the LLPA means that I get a chance to see the best pieces of lenticular out there, which is a great pleasure and an honor at the same time.

Henri Clément, Photographer L’Imbricateur

The public is not sufficiently aware of what quality lenticular creations are about. I am happy to contribute to their promotion.

Barry Johnson, Director and Creator of, President of the 2011 Jury

What interests me most about being President of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award jury is the opportunity to advance the art of lenticular print and design while working with some of the most exciting people in the lenticular industry.

Gérard Caron, President of the Pentawards

As a designer, I am proud to participate in these awards, which are definitely an open door to new creations in the field of brand designs.