Henri Clément

What is your personal profile?

I am a professional advertising photographer, and since 1995 I have specialized in the creation of lenticular images. I prepare the

L'Imbricateur Henri Clément

photo shoots in my Parisian studio, and I handle in-house the digital post-production, printing, and sticking. In 2001, I created my company “L’Imbricateur” fully dedicated to lenticular images, and also broaden my activities to all the possible image sources –

drawings, illustrations, 3D computer graphics, video caps – that can be brought into lenticular images.

In 2005, I conceive the installation of a dedicated tool comprising a motorized rail that allows me to take high speed shots. Since then I have continued to perfect my personal work taking an interest in portraits and live models. Since 2007, I organize regular exhibitions to showcase my personal photographic creations in 3D.

I also organize regular training sessions for lenticular techniques. I live and work in Paris.

What can you tell us about L’IMBRICATEUR?

L'Imbricateur Henri ClémentLIMBRICATEUR is a micro-company specialized in the creation of quality lenticular images (depth or morphing). The main activity involves the completion of lenticular Masters: angle shots for depth images, adaptations from existing shots, conversions from 2D to 3D, sequence study in animation (morphing), coordination of the edition of validation prototypes.

L’Imbricateur also provides the production of small series of limited lenticular editions, below the threshold of possibilities available in offset printing: single items, small series of 5, 10, 50 or 100 copies, as well as the set-up required for the production in “tiles”, which is used to cover large surfaces.

In your view, what is the importance of the LLPA?

LLPA is the first opportunity I know of that aims to exhibit the best lenticular creations publically – fantastic!