Claude De Geynst

Claude De GeynstClaude De Geynst is the founder of many marketing companies in Belgium.

Companies he managed were awarded in prestigious advertising local & international competition (Effie (Belgium), EFSP (Europe), Global Award (USA), …

deep senseToday Claude is co-founder & brand activator @ Deep Sense – Marketing & Communication Companions  – Brussels, Dubaï – [brands: Bayer (Healtcare, Belgium), Carrefour (Retail, Europe), Danone (CPG, Benelux), Fintro (Banking retail, Belgium), IBGE (Government Brussels, Belgium), Kellogg’s (CPG, Europe), L’Oréal Professional (B2B, Belgium), Laurent-Perrier (Beverage, Europe), Mani (CPG, Iran & Middle-East),  Nestlé (CPG, Europe), Nestlé Waters (CPG, EMEA), SAB (CPG, Russia), Sita-Suez (B2B, EMEA), Visit Britain (Tourism, Belgium)]