2016 Special Jury Award

Special Jury Award


Because of the

Original concept

New opportunity for lenticular printing

Non traditional application

 The Jury decided to give a Special Jury Award to this awesome work created by Geert Mul and produced by Coen Holten from Pixel.nl


Pixel "Cloud by Geert Mul"

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Name : CLOUD_10^34 by Geert Mul – Click here to see the movie.

Dimensions : Width: 120 mm – Height: 240 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation, Preparation, Printing

Effect type: Flip

Viewing distance: The big artwork 20m, Each panel 2m

Material: 40 LPI 3D

Item description: A kinetic art work with possible appearances.  Lenticular Cloud is an art work commissioned by Deloitte for the world’s most sustainable office building ‘The Edge’ at Amsterdam. Its 34 hanging panels form a ‘cloud’ in the 50m high atrium. Lenticular Cloud’s triangles constantly but slowely rotate due to the natural draft in the building’s atrium. Each of the 34 lenticular triangles contains 5 images at each side, which becomes visible under different angles. The shape of the ‘cloud’ has been designed using a 3D computer-simulation of a flock of 34 birds.  Lenticular Cloud consists of 34 triangles measuring 240 x 170 x 170 cm. The ‘cloud’ extends a total volume of 20 x 20 x 15 cubic meters.


Company type: Specialist in stereoscopic imaging and presentation techniques.  Stereoscopic means visible in 3D / 3-dimensions / three-dimensions / three-dimensional.  Creation of stereoscopic content for both printing and multimedia.  Delivering stereoscopic supplies and equipment at request.  Technical support, quality control and advisory of your stereoscopic projects.

Country: The Nederlands

Website: www.pixel.nl