2016 Promotion Award

Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016 - Promotional Material

The nominees are…



    • PR-03

PR-03_Travel Tags-universeName : Universe

Dimensions : Width: 228 mm – Height: 152 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation, Preparation, Printing

Effect type: 3D effect depth

Viewing distance: Handheld

Material: 3D 100 LPI Lenstar

Item description: This was used as a self-promotional piece for the resale of lenticular postcards and direct mail.


Company type: Travel Tags is a leader in card printing, personalization and fulfillment with a special emphasis on gift, loyalty, and membership cards.  Travel Tags offers design and manufacturing expertise in creating custom card programs from initial design to individual consumer personalization, packaging, Store Replenishment, B2C and B2B fulfillment.  In support of many company’s Green Initiatives, Travel Tags has perfected the printing of cards on Paper, Recycled PVC and a large variety of PVC alternatives.

Country: United States

Website: www.traveltags.com



    • PR-05 WINNER

PR-05_Tracer Imaging-StarbucksName : Starbucks

Dimensions : Width: 406 mm – Height: 609 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation, Preparation, Printing

Effect type: Morph, Zoom, Flip, 3D effect – depth

Viewing distance: 1,2 m – 1,8 m

Material: Lenstar Plus 40LPI

Item description: Promotional item/sign (prototype)


Company type: Tracer creates and prints lenticular products that simulate 3D and motion effects.  With flexible resources and a wide range of equipment, Tracer has the ability to produce short runs as well as national campaigns with quantities of many million.  Regardless of the size of the run, every one of our clients receives the same personalized service and dedication to quality.  Tracer can create lenticular designs of up to 46″w x 70″h.  Short run offset presses also give us the flexibility to print smaller sheets efficiently and cost-effectively.  From keychains to billboards and everything in between, we guarantee the quality of all our products.

Country: United States

Website: www.tracer1.com



    • PR-10

PR-10_Monagallery-Loyalty programName : Loyalty Program

Dimensions : Width: 54 mm – Height: 85 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation, Preparation, Printing

Effect type: Motion

Viewing distance: Handheld

Material: 62 LPI Lenstar Plus


Item description: The loyalty program was created for a French mass market brand. It consisted of a collector board with 44 lenticular cards to be collected.


Company type: Monagallery creates, prints and distributes lenticular images. She is specialized in motion lenticular images. They are sold all over the world through a distributors network in stationeries, gifts shops, bookshops…   Monagallery also deals with mass market brands regarding loyalty programs, fashion, communication agencies.

Country: France

Website: www.monagallery.fr




    • PR-11

PR-11_Dynamic Drinkware-Packers PosterName : 2014 Player Cups Green Bay Packers/Kwik Trip Program

Dimensions : Width: 254 mm – Height: 204 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation, Preparation

Effect type: 3D effect depth

Viewing distance: Handheld

Material: Lenstar Plus 3D 100 LPI

Item description: Used a partnership tool between the Green Bay Packers and Kwik Trip convenience stores in 2014. Sold as a 7 piece set over the course of the football season, with separate cup releases throughout the season.


Company type: Manufacturing company, makers of plastic souvenir cups for sporting venues.

Country: United States

Website: www.dynamicdrinkware.com



    • PR-13

PR-13_Axxel-ProScriptio Business CardsName : ProScriptio Business Cards

Dimensions : Width: 90 mm – Height: 50 mm

What was performed by the participant: Preparation, Printing

Effect type: Zoom

Viewing distance: Handheld

Material: 100LPI Ecolens

Item description: A creative bussines card for a advertising agency.

Company: AXXEL Sp z.o.o.

Company type: Axxel is an innovative print-house with lenticular, plastics and other difficult materials as our main substrate to work on. Axxel is one of the pioneers of lenticular offset print in Poland and in our region of Europe & is specialized in mass production of lenticular images in all formats below B2. For many years their prints are admired for their quality and innovative post-process ideas.

Country:  Poland

Website:  www.axxel.eu


    • PR-14

PM-01_Weber-Medieval MadnessName : Pinball Dreams “Medieval Madness”

Dimensions : Width: 660 mm – Height: 460 mm

What was performed by the participant: Preparation, Printing

Effect type: 3D effect depth

Viewing distance: 1,5 m

Material: 62 LPI Lenstar Plus


Item description: Kings and trolls, dragons and beautiful creatures in front of a castle bursting into flames, an eventful scene shown on a layer-3D-lenticular that does not stop to impress by its great depth.
This spectacular artwork was printed with our customer “Pinball Dreams” and is currently distributed in the international gamers world to be placed as a front poster in a backlit flipper machine.
To achieve intense colour and high brilliance in UV-Offset printing the lenticular film requires to be printed twice with extreme precision and accuracy what makes it truly a work of art.


Company type: WEBER Druck+Display is specialized in the production of printed advertising materials and displays.  The products are used by well-known brands and top service providers as an advertising and communication medium.  Focusing on UV-offset and screen printing allows the production to hold a wide range of plastic printed products including the field of lenticular products.

Country: Germany

Website: www.weberdruck.de

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