2016 Artistic Lenticular Award

Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016 - Artistic Works

Comments from an artist who was not nominated :
“I have seen the nominated works. On one hand I feel disappointed, but on the other hand I am inspired by the wonderful achievements of these talented artists.  I am sure that the jury made the correct decision, and you will have an outstanding display at Drupa.”

and the nominees are…


    • AR-03

Taco Item No 03-Artistic worksName : Mayajaal-Face

Dimensions : Width: 889 mm – Height: 889 mm

What was performed by the participant: Preparation, Printing

Effect type: Flip, 3D effect – depth

Viewing distance: 1,5 m

Material: 20 lpi Lenticular

Item description: Today’s world is the best example of confluence of science and beauty. Some great personalities in this world have discovered and created inventions which are the layers or examples of their art, engineering and technology. When a layman peeps into this world of  ayers he gets mesmerized and inadvertently the word he uttered is “WoW”. He thinks for a while that this is the only way of attainment to appreciate and reach the almighty or is it just a Phantamagoria. The Artwork was created in Maya Software, compositing & rendered in After Effects. The rendered views were later interlaced in our Pictoreal Software. This artistic piece was printed and supplied to the Artist Mr. Vijay Raut.

Company: TACO VISION Pvt. Ltd

Company type: Taco Visions Pvt. Ltd. is a creative enterprise established in the year 2000, wherein we explore all the new facets of Innovative Print Communications to give an organization the attention it deserves. With the latest print technology, infrastructure and a pool of talented professionals with remarkable expertise in the field of visualizing, graphic designing, copy-writing, printing etc., we are performing the role of consultants and printers who provide priceless print solutions to our clients. We thus are all set and equipped to provide fascinating avant-garde print services from our facilities in Mumbai to clients in India and overseas. Taco Visions Pvt. Ltd. is previous winner of a Lenstar Lenticular Print Award.

Country: India

Website: www.tacovisions.com


Pixel "Cloud by Geert Mul"

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Name : CLOUD_10^34 by Geert Mul – Click here to see the movie.

Dimensions : Width: 120 mm – Height: 240 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation, Preparation, Printing

Effect type: Flip

Viewing distance: The big artwork 20m, Each panel 2m

Material: 40 LPI 3D

Item description: A kinetic art work with possible appearances.  Lenticular Cloud is an art work commissioned by Deloitte for the world’s most sustainable office building ‘The Edge’ at Amsterdam. Its 34 hanging panels form a ‘cloud’ in the 50m high atrium. Lenticular Cloud’s triangles constantly but slowely rotate due to the natural draft in the building’s atrium. Each of the 34 lenticular triangles contains 5 images at each side, which becomes visible under different angles. The shape of the ‘cloud’ has been designed using a 3D computer-simulation of a flock of 34 birds.  Lenticular Cloud consists of 34 triangles measuring 240 x 170 x 170 cm. The ‘cloud’ extends a total volume of 20 x 20 x 15 cubic meters.


Company type: Specialist in stereoscopic imaging and presentation techniques.  Stereoscopic means visible in 3D / 3-dimensions / three-dimensions / three-dimensional.  Creation of stereoscopic content for both printing and multimedia.  Delivering stereoscopic supplies and equipment at request.  Technical support, quality control and advisory of your stereoscopic projects.

Country: The Nederlands

Website: www.pixel.nl




    • AR-11

MUHER- Vase of flowersName : Vase of flowers

Dimensions : Width: 1078 mm Height: 1345 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation

Effect type: 3D effect depth

Viewing distance: 1,5 m

Material: 3D 20 LPI UV-LF DP Lenticular

Item description: Artistic piece

Company: MUHER

Company type: Art and architecture

Country: Spain

Website: www.muher.com


    • AR-12 WINNER

magicvision-HeartName : Heart

Dimensions : Width: 1200 mm – Height: 1200 mm

What was performed by the participant: Printing

Effect type: 3D effect depth

Viewing distance: 2 m

Material: 20 LPI 3d

Item description: For art exhibition, private collection. This work was provided by the gallery www.apcontemporary.com   The autor is Olga Tobreluts, contemporary Russian artist. Design 2d to 3d: Egor Korotkov.  3D Lenticular printing: MagicVision.Ru.


Company type: MAGIC VISION LLC. was created in 2000 on the idea of establishing an innovative lenticular printing and products for advertisers, designers, and making lenticular production more available for each person.  A brand new experience 3D wide format and offset printing. They have a high standard of printing techniques, quality control work processing procedure, and a strong design support.  They are leader of high quality lenticular producer in Russia.  They are proud to work with famous international companies.

Country: Russian Federation

Website: www.magicvision.ru



    • AR-14

Giovani Remigi - WaspName : Vespula Vulgaris

Dimensions : Width: 330 mm – Height: 482 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation, Preparation, Printing

Effect type: 3D effect depth

Viewing distance: 1,2 m

Material: 40 lpi 24°

Item description: Personal research on lenticular applied to macro (focus staking) photography.


Company type: Italian engineer and photographer, Giovanni Remigi reveals the secrets to creating dramatic, exciting 3D images of insects. Born in Italy, Giovanni is graduated from the University of Padua with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He moved to Dublin in 2005 where he has been experimenting with digital photography and where he quickly developed a passion for studio portraits.  He decided to combine his engineering and photographic skills to create something different. He started writing software, designing electronic circuits and building mechanical devices and in 2010 he succeeded producing his first 3D autostereoscopic portrait.

Country: Ireland

Website: www.framedlives.com

    • AR-15

Alexander Evans - VSCC Shelsley 2015 042- 1926 BentleyName : 1926 Vintage Bentley at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

Dimensions : Width: 420 mm – Height: 300 mm

What was performed by the participant: Creation, Preparation, Printing

Effect type: 3D effect depth

Viewing distance: 0,5 m – 1,5 m

Material: Lenstar Plus 3D 50 LPI

Item description: The artwork is part of a series of images created for the Vintage Sports Car Club as a unique record of Vintage Cars in action at a number of venues. The 3D prints are wall hung in private premises.


Company type: Alexander Evans is a freelance creative photographer specializing in 3D Lenticular and stereoscopic images of action and sports subjects using camera rigs he has designed and developed himself.

Country: United Kingdom

Website:  www.alexanderevans.co.uk


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